Monday, 7 April 2014

Ski touring and off piste to finish the season

I have been busy running some ski touring courses at Glenmore Lodge recently, in the middle of them I won the Scottish Skimo series by winning the Nevis Range race. Its been a bit busy for posting so here are a couple of pictures. Just one course left this winter now, a Ski Performance Scotland course at Nevis Range next weekend (12/13th April) then thats me finished work for the winter. Maybe one or two days gully skiing left for me this winter then its off  to spring work. Spring and Summer work will consist of work for Skye Guides, some mountaineering and outdoor centre work around Lochaber and some sea kayak work incuding the Scottish Womens Sea Kayak Festival on Bute. I will aim for an update after next weekend then prob every 3 or 4 weeks through the sumer months.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Off Piste Performance Course 12/13 March

The 12/13th March saw another Ski Performnace Scotland Course at Cairngorm. We had fantastic weather on Wed and while a bit more overcast on Thursday still a good day. We had to share the White Lady with the schoos race on Thursday but there was plenty of snow for everyone! We are running one last course this year on 5/6 April at Nevis Range. While it is much warmer just now, there is so much snow there should still be great skiing.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Traverse of the Grey Corries

Yesterday Brian and I tok advantage of some fantastic conditions for a traverse of the Grey Corries. We started with First lifts at Aonach Mor and up to the summit. We debated skiing down near summit gully and rond under Aonach Beag but decided to go for the pure line over the top. It was stunning on the tops but we nearly had to turn back as the descent from Stob Coire Bhealaich to the next col was badly corniced. we stood at a couple of safe points and looked down the ridge  and thought we had seen skiable points till we went to look further and they were still big drops we werent happy skiing. Our last attempt to find a safe route to the col took us round the back of Sgurr a Bhuic and this provided some nice skiing and worked for us. It meant we were later than we had hoped for accesing the main ridge but it all went well from their. A stunning day along a fantastic ridge. The recent wind had created combinations of big cornices, steep ground, icy ground and exposure, at places several of the above at once. There was more interest in places than I had expected but a lovely day, with a ski back to within 30mins of the car to finish.
Our view from Aonach Mor at the start
Brian skiing down from Aonach Beag
Looking back from Stob Choire Claurigh our last peak at what we had skiied, every peak from Aonach Mor to where we are standing!

Off Piste Performance Course Lecht and Cairngorm

At the weekend I was running a Ski Performance Scotland course for Off Piste Performance. With a fairly windy weather forecast and Nevis Range and Cairngorm shut we headed to the Lecht. While there wasnt massive amounts of snow there was enough to look at what we needed to. The Buzzard run let us spend the day learning and improving and then we put what we had learned into practice at Cairngorm on Sunday. Pictures show the Lecht on our windier, less snowy day. Still perfect for practising.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New April Ski Performance Scotland Course

Due to more demand there is an extra Ski Performance Scotland course. It will run on 5/6 April and be based at Nevis Range this time to take advantage of the large amounts of snow on the West Coast.

Lots of great skiing

Its been a busy few days with limited time for blogging so here is a round up. Last Wed I was ski touring in Drumochter with Andrew. We went up Geal Charn (only a 20min walk from the road), did 2 diff descents from A' Mharconaich one from the ridge and one from the summit, we had spare time so headed back up and over Geal Charn to get a descent on the far side before back to the road. Then 2 days with Lochaber college students.We had a day in the Cairngorms heading over 1141 into Coire Raibert and around to Lurchers Gully, pretty windy on the plateau but a lovely ski down Lurchers and skis on all the way to the carpark. Then for day 2 we were at Drumochter, this time on the east side, we skiied up Cairn na Caim and down Coire Cam for some transceiver practice and back up and down Coire Uilliem. There were some very big cornice features about not always where you would expect them so caution is required. However there were lots of skiers enjoying the conditions and all the gully lines were skiable.

The weekend was a Ski Performance Scotland course. We chose Cairngorm for both days, despite it being a bit windy the hill was gradually opened up on Sat and we got a variety of terrain. On Sunday we had some fresh tracks low down first thing followed by some fresh tracks in the white lady later on. There were some queues but good skiing on both powder snow and variable conditions!
                             Skinning back up after skiing into Coire Cam, note the cornices!
                                                    Nice tracks in Lurchers

                                             Ski Performance Scotland - Fresh tracks

Sunday, 23 February 2014

New Ski Performance Scotland Course

We now have an extra midweek course on 12/13th March. There are currently 4 laces left on this course. The course on 8/9 March is now full but there are still places next weekend on 1/2 March. Despite the current thaw there is loads of snow still neary to the top of the lift towers so plenty of potentailly excellant skiing when the weather calms. Book through off  piste performance.